Kemetic Yoga

Is the ancient Egyptian system of enlightenment based upon the practices of physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation.  

What is Kemetic Yoga?


The  Modern  version of this ancient system was developed from primary research conducted by Dr. Asar Hapi and Master  Yirser Ra Hotep (Elvrid Lawrence) of Chicago during the 1970s.

Kemetic Yoga is a healing and regenerative yoga system that is characterized by a series of geometrically progressive postures that creates alignment of the spinal column and corrects defects in the skeletal muscle system in order to release stress, increase blood circulation, nutrients and oxygen supply to vital body systems,  and to allow internal life force energy and cerebral spinal fluid to flow more efficiently and abundantly throughout the entire body.

Kemetic Yoga is part of the YogaSkills Method of yoga practice that emphasizes  creating conditions through activating the parasympathetic nervous system whereby  the body and the mind can heal themselves as opposed to extreme gymnastic and contortionist pastors that often cause Injury and result in useless competitive mindsets that plague the commercial yoga industry today.

Kemetic Yoga  emerges from one of the oldest known civilizations, which is ancient Egypt properly called Kemet in north eastern Africa.  Kemetic Yoga was developed by studying, translating and interpreting the commonly called hieroglyphic text of Kemet (ancient Egypt) and the images of yoga postures that are clearly pictured on the walls of the Kemetic temples.

Kemetic Yoga  is both a philosophy and a practice based upon the Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) systems of self development that fueled the creation of the Kemetic civilization that Spawned western science philosophy and religion.



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Hot Yoga

  Involves a sequence of set poses (Universal and Kemetic) done in a hot room at or above body temperature.

 Every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday & Friday


Ashtanga Yoga

Is an athletic flow combining strength, flexibility and stamina for a complete practice. 

Every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m. 


Vinyasa Yoga

Is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly using breath. 


African Dance

This class will teach you the fundamentals of traditional West African dance with emphasis on an understanding of the accompanying drum rhythms. Classes start with a thorough warm up, followed by a sequence of movement across the floor.Beginner level dancers and all ages  are welcomed!

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